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The Kaziew Rangath Academy

"Child's Journey"

A child’s journey to Academic Achievement, Cultural Maturity and Sporting Excellence.

Located at Tropicana Lodge in Cairns.

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Female Teenagers from Cape York Peninsula and the Torres Strait.


Student Rooms

Student Rooms

YAL Tropicana Lodge Cairns is a 54 bed residential facility including seven wheelchair accessible rooms. There is also three fully self-contained transitional family units located on Martyn Street, set amidst 2 acres of tropical lawns and lush gardens.

Student rooms feature 2 comfortable single beds, modern ensuite, study desks with 2 all-in-one computers, 32" digital TV, air conditioning, ceiling fans, small fridge, iron and an ironing board, and ample storage space.

Laundry facilities included 4 Primus commercial washers and gas dryers.

Entertainment Facilities

Entertainment & Other Facilties

  • Movie Theatre - Full HD projector with projector screen, DVD player and DVD's.
  • Basketball and Beach Volleyball courts.
  • Covered in-ground swimming pool.
  • Indoor gym with additional sports equipment.
  • Hair & Beauty Salon.
  • Student Yarning Room.
  • Healing Room.
  • CCTV security system & electric front gate.


A variety of home style nutritious meals daily. Lunches provided in cooler bags for take away.

Kitchen has a HACCP accredited food safety program.

Two course dinner plus a light evening supper.

Cultural Place-Study/Tutorials

YAL Tropicana Lodge Cairns also has a 60 seat lecture lounge available for studies or extra on-site tuition.


Musical Facilities

Student Care/Pastoral Services

Operating on a 24/7 basis, the Academy will not just provide a clean safe and secure accommodation facility for students to live in, but will provide a holistic approach to each individual student, working to support their needs so they can reach their full potential. This will enable students to make the successful transition from school to the workforce, from student to adult.

This will be achieved through our Four Tier approach to caring for the students, which includes the Academy having house parents and carers residing onsite 24 hours a day.

Studying Facilities

The Four Tier approach involves:

  • Schools being well informed about the needs of each girl, ensuring they receive the support they need and deserve
  • clear and achievable employment transition pathway for all girls from year 10 through to year 12
  • Assignment and assessment work to be completed to the best of each individual girl’s ability, supported by tutors onsite
  • Work experience will be arranged for all year 10, 11 and 12 girls, there being an expectation that all students will secure part or full-time employment as they transition out of school into TAFE or university education and/or into the workforce

The Academy will have a social worker, education and career assistant and pastor working alongside onsite management and staff.

YAL Tropicana Lodge Cairns has a comprehensive risk management plan for the Academy which will be monitored by the risk management team who will conduct weekly case meetings to discuss each individual girl and to identify her areas of need. This weekly meeting is critical to our program’s success.

Excercise Equipment

Student Well Being

Our Student Services team will provide essential support to all students who attend the Academy to ensure they successfully complete their education. By comprehensively and systematically addressing the health and social issues that all young people face, the Student Services Team will work with the academic staff to provide a caring and nurturing environment.

Our programs will be flexible and adaptable to meet the social, economic and cultural diversity of the students, providing a dynamic and diverse range of activities available for students’ participation. This will include cultural and language learning. Internal and local resources will be used to make the most of the opportunities available to our students for long term success.

The students’ physical, mental, academic and spiritual growth and well-being are important to YALTLC, and by having a strong support network working alongside the academic team, we are confident that each student will achieve their potential.

Health Care Centre

Our Health Centre will provide a wide range of services and programs to address the many needs for medical treatment, support, education and information.

We will have a registered nurse visiting our site to provide:

  • Initial health assessment for students
  • Health care plans
  • First aid
  • Screening
  • Preliminary diagnosis
  • Hearing tests
  • JCU Dental referrals
  • Referrals to other allied health services
  • Transport to appointments
  • Chronic disease management
  • Counselling

Students will be referred on to external health providers whenever necessary.

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YALTLC Affiliated Schools

YAL Tropicana Lodge Cairns will work in partnership with leading schools in and around the Cairns District.

YALTLC can help prospective students and their families choose the right school and find the best fit in terms of their academic and sporting goals as well as catering to special needs.

Transport to and from YALTLC will be provided with additional commutes arranged to help meet each student’s individual academic needs.

Transition to Careers

  • Access to Traineeships and Pathways to Work

    YALTLC will offer a strong vocational program for all students building on past progress which has resulted in a majority of students becoming highly skilled in their vocational area, however the students have struggled to find traineeships and jobs on their own. Not only do they not know where to find these placements, they do not have a strong network of people they know and as many trade type jobs require employees to have their own transport and be able to drive, students are frustrated at every turn as they seek to find traineeships and jobs.

    To overcome this, the Academy students will benefit from a range of opportunities, based on adherence to their progress at school, work experience and becoming positive role models at the Academy.

  • Pathways to Work Program

    The Academy will build a range of options for Academy school leavers to transition into the workforce. In addition to locally based vocational training and apprenticeships, Federal and State Governments have traineeship programs that contribute to the nation’s Closing the Gap initiative. The Academy will provide support to students in Year 12 to apply for suitable programs and provide coaching and ongoing mentoring services through the volunteer program.

    Current Federal Government Programs include but are not limited to:

    • The Australian Public Service Commission’s Indigenous Pathways Traineeship Program
    • The Departments of Employment and Educations’ Indigenous Australian Government Development Program
    • The Department of Human Services Indigenous Apprenticeship Program

    In addition further consultation will take place to include:

    • Queensland Government Programs
    • Cairns based programs

Student Application

We are currently accepting applications for students.
Instructions are listed on the application PDF.
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About Young Australia League

Young Australia League Logo

Young Australia League (YAL) was established by J. J. Simons in 1905 as a youth movement to encourage involvement of young Australians in the appreciation, management and care of Australia’s laws, culture and the environment.

YAL has changed over it's 109 year history, whilst the basic philosophy of its founder remains true today the changing culture in Australia has demanded changes in the way the League operates. Today YAL aims to be ‘recognised as supporting young Australians to achieve their potential and take greater pride in being Australians’. This aim has led the League to develop this proposal, importantly focusing on the lives of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander females in Far North Queensland.


Young Australia League Logo


In this painting my aim is to capture in a single image, one’s journey from remote communities to the city. The vibrant colours chosen along with the traditional pattern represent the development that the child will gain being educated in the city but still having a strong connection to their culture and community. In the middle of the painting depicts five human figures in a circle, this represents the togetherness the children will develop. The footprints show the journey from the community to a new chapter in their life. The brown pattern that runs parallel to the footprints represents the earth and connection to the land. The four heads on the top and bottom portrays the parents advising their children the benefits the journey will have on them and their community. On both sides of the circle there are six heads, this shows that at the end of this journey they will become the voices of their communities.


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Young Australia League
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Student Application

We are currently accepting applications for students.
Instructions are listed on the application PDF.
NOTE: You will need Adobe Reader to fill out the Application Form on your computer

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